carol bundy author of the nature of sacrifice 

Carol Bundy grew up in Washington, D.C., Cambridge, Mass. and Princeton, N. J. She graduated in American Studies from Yale as a Scholar of the House. For many years she wrote for film and art publications in both the UK and the US. She now lives in Cambridge, MA with her two sons, their dog Mocha and cat Milo and a fish called Alice. 

She became interested in her great-great-great uncle, Charles Russell Lowell, when his worn saddle bags, rusted sword and spurs turned up after her grandmother’s death in 1983. The Nature of Sacrifice is her first book.

INFLUENCES: "I’m a good mimic, and I read as if I were a thief. For this book: Herman Melville, Evan Connell, Patrick O’Brian, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson."


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